@dux I want your DVD how to make millions since you already crossed the million. i will pay for it. i tried several times to order it from tim website but i always get an error decline message.. help

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coudl you suggest any trader who allow uk based citizen to trade OTC and NASDAQ stock

Canelo350 Jun 22, 3:43 AM

@dux do u have any good breakdown screeners scan setups on the stt software to find good breakdown trend stocks setup u can share I'm new to the trading world any help will be appreciated

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@dux Hi Dux, Big fan here and have following you for long, I was just curious on where you learned candlestick charts? Any specific book? Also, where do you go for your stock news? I've seen your recent short on DRYS and it is impressive the level of confidence you have with that company, I can only imagine that you have studied the ins and outs of that company deeply. Thank you.

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@dux Hey man, no stupid ass questions, just letting you know you're the man. Very inspirational. Thanks Brother.

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asefporl Jun 15, 4:08 PM

the questions in this wall arent stupid ass questions

1spidereyesoup Jun 15, 6:12 PM

Hehe maybe not stupid but many ask the same stuff over and over again. Thats kinda stupid

Jason_Raposo Jun 17, 7:23 PM

All of the questions that are asked can simply be answered by reading all of the posts. I enjoy Steven being on here I just hope he's not run off by being bombarded with questions.

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@dux Hey do you have any recomendetion on Technical Analysis Books or DVDs? Did you buy any Books or DVDs to help you with Technical Analysis?

Buckeyeborn Jun 16, 11:25 AM

Are you in the challenge? Get in touch with me if you need help with Patterns for this.

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@dux Hey Dux thanks for sharing your trades man. I actually review your trades when you post them trying to understand your mindset. I can't wait until you post your new trades so i can learn.

3dux Jun 08, 3:52 AM

coming soon at end of this year. i am currently traveling everywhere ;lol

melbasouni Jun 08, 12:56 PM

Cool beans I am actually trading so I can work from anywhere and travel. I guess you had the same idea. lol

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@dux everyone who ask questions on here y dont you do some fucking studying and research before you ask. I have read 5 and i can answer them all and im not even him.

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2dux May 31, 7:48 AM

lol my hero

2OceanRider Jun 04, 6:36 AM

Right on. Everyone needs to take their own journey. It is more profitable when people come up with something that works for them.

1dux Jun 08, 3:54 AM

in trading specific, you have to create your own style find your own niche to be successful. very important

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