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James_W Aug 31, 16 11:10 PM

Nice comeback! My biggest confusion is where to get the most useful (to us) news for a company. I can do a web search for a company that has big % gains and look at their website, press releases, etc. But it doesn't always seem to be helpful, or perhaps I don't know what to look for yet. So my question is what kind of news, if any, got you interested in this stock?

eatsleepprofit Aug 31, 16 11:33 PM

What got me interested in it was the premarket activity the day it ran upward. I'm a momentum trader so I judge my trades off of volume, and the news accompanied. News isn't everything but it helps validate the price action, I use seekingalpha for research.

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LivingLarge88 Aug 30, 16 8:10 PM

Very well done on SKLN with spotting the bull flag on the 5 min daily chart and getting in after the pullback. You will be in the green in no time!

DapperDude Aug 30, 16 10:27 PM

on my new setup on a look at the one minute one day comma 5 minute 2 day comma 15 minute and daily charts for the same stock as I watch it. it lets me look for patterns regardless on which chart they form on and then I trade based on that chart

DapperDude Aug 30, 16 10:30 PM

The voice recognition doesn't always work right for me, excuse me for that. I had said thank you at the beginning as well, I really appreciated the support. =)

DapperDude Aug 31, 16 2:26 PM

Glad to see SKLN playing out as planned, hope y'all made money. I got to sleep at 6am and then woke up at 12 to go back to work. I dont feel bad, there's always more

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