licagavrila Nov 04, 16 11:36 PM

@Littlemoney16 I feel your pain, but giving up to early means you didn't tried enough. I joined challenge 1 year ago with a big dream in my head "freedom" and make money from trading. I know its frustrating seeing other people making 15-20-35% on trades. I lost myself good amount of money and sometime feel down. As lx21 said "want to be the best of the 10%". For some of us this can take longer, I will continue to study at my pace for at least 3 years and then decide if this will or will not wor

Arussell125 Nov 04, 16 11:42 PM

I can say this i have been doing this for almost a year, i have put in nearly 2000 hrs of study and still counting, everday i watch a lesson or youtube to refine my skills, it never stops but you have to find what your brain can best process and for me it took nearly 6 months trading before i had that moment when it clicked, just keep at and if tou need any help just ask

Pandabear Nov 05, 16 12:27 AM

@Arussell125 I've been doing about 5-6 hrs of study a day too and it's slowly starting to pay off

Fox_Trader Nov 05, 16 6:17 AM

Listen to all the above , losing money when your starting is endless. Take some time off and paper trade for a while to clear your head. I paper traded for two years prior to real money.

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