@felix_hartmann I use to trade Forex a long time ago but been travelling round the world got bored doing nothing so in April open a Suretraders account stated with $500.00. today got 1 trade from my watch-list VLTC bought @ 8.25 covered @ 8.90 was looking for 0.20 - 0.60 got 0.65. Finished for the day as I don't like trading on Friday's up this week +$2,726

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shohruz Jul 17, 15 10:48 AM

Sounds incredible, all these mean you have started on april with 500$ in suretrader account and up current amount, anyway whats your name?)

Lucid Jul 17, 15 11:18 AM

Congrats @RussianBear, incredible indeed! I intend on growing my small SureTrader account to at least $10,000 for starters!

felix_hartmann Jul 17, 15 12:26 PM

Similar story for me @RussianBear , re-started with $400 in June as part of a challenge where I try to prove you can make money with any amount. As of now over $1100. More than double, and it keeps getting easier.

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