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hmmm sold for $1,100 profit...yay...evidently I missed out on the other 45 grand profit I could have had....crazy stock

Posted: Aug 10, 15 1:29 PM/

$3400 ssys call....bought after the disaster....I think 3D printings is coming back!!

Posted: Aug 10, 15 1:30 PM/

conn puts that went ok. glad I sold cuz now its bouncing back

Posted: Aug 10, 15 1:30 PM/

Options trade gone right but on a small scale. Uh that's cuz my brokerage account was decimated so I can't go big if I wanted to.

wish I could forget this trade!!! How come when I load up it never goes supernova like AQXP....It is crazy that when I have size it turns into a turd immediately... Great huh?

Posted: Aug 10, 15 1:32 PM/

I don't even remember this trade lol

Posted: Aug 10, 15 1:31 PM/

% daily gainer that ugh got away from the tune of one used Ferrari or one decent Porsche. Sucks and I def. am going to respect my capital more going forward. Got back into % gainers cuz I thought my options roll wouldn't last and was too risky. ha that's a joke. Ain't nothin safe in pennystock least with options I know my risks and can plan better. Stocks I can plan but I never follow through with plan till it hurts too much or get lucky. Still got a lot to learn.

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