[TimAlerts] All out $GURE short. From my early long, then late day short cover made whopping $93.49......soooo not worth that stress. Lesson learned don't short big % gainers on 1st day. If do prepare for queasy ride!!


[TimAlerts] Banked $1,186 on $4,200 "investment" wish I had bought more GURE at open than I did. Was saving $$ for SHAK


@timothysykes trying to post my $20k plus gains on ADXS puts (thank u for that pattern by the way) but when I try to verify trades from my Broker says no trades available to verify. Just saw tech support tab and will email them...Thx for all the awesome homework. Just paid for my DVD millionaire, Tim and Superman pics subscriptions, STT software, and much more for years to come on 1 pick!! Wish I found yall 14 years and -450k in losses ago. Tried everything on my own and what I find now from your video patterns is that I habitually bought stocks off pump articles from SA and Zacks Small Cap research!!!! No wonder I was always on the wrong side of the trades... I thought that meant I was a momentum smart trader buying what was hot. Anyway thank you for the RULES and knowledge. Determined to make those losses back over time (and millions more 😀) Since I started this new year as a new member I am on the right track now. Thanks again!

timothysykes Jan 23, 15 11:43 AM

Cool we'll help you out, congrats!

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