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Arussell125 Dec 24, 16 2:30 PM

having an exit point is the most important thing you should know

petwyt1218 Dec 24, 16 4:01 PM

Thanks guys. Palmer I don't really relate to much of what you said about new traders because I've been studying long enough (much longer than my profit chart indicates) to know what a big move is and I definitely don't have expectations of hitting home runs every trade. The example I was asking about was TKAI on Thursday morning. I bought it around 9:37AM at 1.46 and watched it go up to 1.60 (which wasnt a S/R level) and then come back down and I sold for a 2 cent/share loss. If i had sold at 1.

Arussell125 Dec 24, 16 4:49 PM

I was in that play, level 2 was a big factor

petwyt1218 Dec 24, 16 10:31 PM

Ah ok, so now I'll know to watch lvl 2 like a hawk because I've been sort of disregarding it and relying almost solely on patterns and volume as indicator.

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