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Lyoness Sep 03, 20 11:42 AM

That's a big problem I have too, is knowing when to stop out early, and when to hold on to my stop. I feel the same way, for as many times as I've stubbornly held, *knowing* it was going to stop out for a bigger loss, I've had instances where I've been scared out, only for it to turn around and make a great play.

haafamillion Sep 03, 20 1:01 PM

@Lyoness It's a balancing act. For me, I'd rather stop out than miss out but doing both is a b-word. I think the most important things are identifying key levels and sticking to them. Then, of course, listening to what the chart is saying - not out of concern, but out of a desire to play the price action the best way possible.

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