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kobayashimaru Feb 18, 19 12:59 AM

I run 16 STT scans each night, some bring returns and some don't. I search for HOD, Top Vol gainers, Top $$ gainers, Low float, News, Filings, 52 highs. Tickers will pop up on multiple scans and some will only pop up on a single scan. The number of tickers can be considerable but I can get through them quite quickly until I'm down to my final watch list and then the work really begins. Keep at it and you'll develop your own personal scan that fits your style. Good Luck

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LordOfWar Feb 14, 19 10:01 AM

hey bro wat are we learning at the thunderdome today :)

haafamillion Feb 14, 19 10:14 AM

Reading "American Hedge Fund" again. Then, "Trading Foundations." If there's time, I'll start re-watching Trader Checklist. But, the woman wants to see Into the Spiderverse and I have a class at 6. So :/

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