ItsJOrtiz Feb 11, 19 7:18 PM

This is great! ive also just started paper trading and researching stocks. thanks for the insight on your progress!

haafamillion Feb 11, 19 9:21 PM

@ItsJOrtiz Sorry for the ... now triple post. I'm still getting used to the Shift + Enter key just posting instead of giving you a line break.

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andreffael Feb 11, 19 12:08 AM

With a $1k account you have to take bigger positions than 100$, just becareful with the amount of risk & choose the best reward/risk ratio trades you can. Also becoming profitable in 2 months is probably gonna be very difficult. Think about reading Trading In the Zone (it's 2$ on Kindle), good luck!

kobayashimaru Feb 11, 19 12:43 AM

A old warrior that has fought many battles has many scars, each scar has a story. In trading you will have many wins and many losses and each one will have it's own story. The path to success will be painful at times but glory goes to those who persevere.

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