@happykid Listen man, I'm following you and I got one email per trade that u have posted, and I have gone into every single one, Now, lemme tell you, if you keep doing this and don't quit, even with those huge losses, I'll be so impressed I will follow for EVER

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happykid Sep 26, 17 6:24 PM

Thanks, man! That makes me feel really good. After my huge losses, I got behind on posting trades so I'm catching up.

happykid Sep 26, 17 6:25 PM

I was too depressed and honestly embarrassed to post any for awhile. Things seem to be moving in a better direction now and I learned a lot through all the overtrading.

happykid Sep 26, 17 6:26 PM

It makes me glad to know you actually looked at every single one. I hope it helps! I'm gonna stick with it!

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