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heidiv83 Mar 02, 19 6:54 AM

Great post! Thanks for writing this.

Sierra3 Mar 02, 19 7:57 AM

You bet! It helps me to learn from my own mistakes as well

jaime72976 Mar 03, 19 12:41 AM

Excellent discipline to follow the #1 rule

Ryer Mar 04, 19 5:16 PM

Rob, this is super helpful. I'm focusing on a few of these lessons right now, so thank you for sharing your experience as a reflection piece. Mostly, I appreciate your candidness: I'm the FNG (fuckin new guy), but even I know better than to take a speculative short on a FUCKING POWER HOUR!!!!! I support your awareness and discipline. Can't wait for it to prove big for you soon!

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Hellloooo ! I just joined yesterday. I am super stoked to be watching and learning! I am as green as they come, so won't be showing much yet! Fully engulfing myself in videos, charts, books, you name it! I have my earbuds in now listening to An American Hedge Fund. Still navigating this website, so bear with me if you see posts in random places! Happy Friday y'all!

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