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Pops62 Mar 11, 19 6:58 AM

Over analysing is something we all go through. Everytime I take a loss that is bigger than I think I should have taken, I go through a phase of fear to pull the trigger.

Pops62 Mar 11, 19 7:07 AM

I get it nobody wants to go back to paper trading after trading from your account, but remember Sykes recommends doing just that when your not being consistent. I have not watched Trading tickers yet. It is high on my to do list! keep studying, keep your head up. It will come to you, I know it!!!

kobayashimaru Mar 11, 19 4:32 PM

Simplicity, Fluidity and Flexibility are the best plans. Your mind for trading must be like water

heidiv83 Mar 11, 19 4:49 PM

Thanks for the comments all, I really appreciate them!

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