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RC0002653 Oct 07, 17 4:34 PM

How do you input data into the Studio setup? Also, do you input the data into the trading log by yourself or is it automatically done? I noticed that LongGearing got you the most gains, but what does it mean/

hr_tetra Oct 07, 17 4:50 PM

In Data Studio you have to connect to a data source, like databases, Google Analysis, Excel, or Googe Spreadsheet that I use. When opening a new Data Studio project, that's the first step. If you use the template, you go to resources and "administrate data source". It will do the import for you. I add the data myself, but have categories/drop downs to choose long/short, and there are calculations, so only really need to add ticker, # shares, in and out price. Long gearing is just this gearing/ab

hr_tetra Oct 07, 17 4:54 PM

Long gearing 1 is just abcd type gearing action/triangle/wedge in the morning, and 2 and 3 the midday and afternoon. They go by different names - the no2 is basically what Dux is talking about here:

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