Spent a lot of time, on the videos and challenge assignment 2 done, all links watched, extra content watched and read, alot to take in, some rewatched and some rewinded and parts watched again, couldnt trade today, heard all the alerts but didnt have entry or exits planned, so just wanted from the sidelines, not traded in a stock in couple of days, had a couple watching yesterday and today, but didnt perform how i thought they would, so left them, one in hindsight i should of bought the low of the day at 0.651 or close as had chance around 0.67 but didnt pull the trigger, went and maintained an hour ish later 7.5. Will keep watching and learning for support and resistance lines for my entries and exits, always need a plan, never go in on an alert, this can be hard, when 10 mins later you read all the back slapping.

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