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kingyeasty Mar 08, 1:46 PM

This last week was my first week trading and I took too many trades as well/ I came out okay overall, but it could have been a stellar week if I hadn't taken some of the trades I did. I also can't help but feel I lucked out on some of the others. As long as we are learning and adhering to rules I think we can make strides improving.

kingyeasty Mar 08, 6:38 PM

@Raylbc27 They were good reads. I don't subscribe to the video lessons currently. I just can't afford to add another $75 on top of chat room access and watchlist. I don't attempt to mimic his trades though. What I like to do is import his watchlist into ToS AFTER I put together a watchlist myself. Any common stocks between the two feel like winners. I run scans casually in free time during the weekend, and I have pre-market scans for the 2-3 hours I'm up before market opens. I am currently profi

kingyeasty Mar 08, 6:40 PM

Sorry, I typed a book. To finish, I am currently profitable. I think its dumb luck though. I have a ton more to learn, and I need to get better at adhering to the rules I've put in place.

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kademaddox Feb 26, 11:08 PM

Now just need to learn to cut losses sooner than what i originally was planning, new trade plan get out of a trade with a $150 loss. If im wrong on the trade minimal downside. We will see what tomorrow brings! Everyone good luck!

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