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Janielx Apr 27, 17 10:00 AM

Take a breath, a walk, and reset. Look at the chart like its your first trade of the day and you see the opportunity. Its all a mental block at this point. Don't let it get you.

lombardo141 Apr 27, 17 10:56 AM

Hey buddy. Don't know how long you have been trading but my strategy and although it may sound like cliche at this point is to hold small positions every trade. To me i take a 1000 shares at a time and i risk .30c a share. Of course i have to be patient to see the right play before i buy. But my point is i go into every trade expecting to lose .30c so that fear of a loss is automatically so i can watch the charts play out.

lombardo141 Apr 27, 17 10:57 AM

I know it sucks to miss out on plays but its a lot better to be in one especially supernovas but you have to have a consistent mental plan which will help your emotional volitality

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