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CastilloTrading Feb 15, 17 11:33 AM

Thank you for the quick recap of the Webinar... Was unable to make it due to work, but will be watching it once it is posted. This was very helpful with Earnings Winners, as I need work on how to play these Stocks. Thanks

Tone Feb 15, 17 12:33 PM

Thanks Kenneth, very good post.

Tone Feb 15, 17 12:39 PM

Due to really inconvenient time zones, I'm look at at a different approach. Earnings winners can be great swing trades over about 5 days. The ideal setup is an earnings winner with technical breakout, ideally green on day 1, but it can work if red if the breakout is maintained (look at PRCP). Get in late in the day and then look for 7% -15 % over the next 5 days or so, as earnings winners can run. This is working great in paper trading, but I'm picking the wrong ones when using real money :-)

cwood Feb 15, 17 4:11 PM

Remember that just bc many of the earnings winners on his w/l are one and done, doesn't mean many of them in general are the same way. This is a secondary strategy for him, so he only profiles a small fraction of the winners we get each quarter. last quarter we had about 50 earnings winners under $20 that ran for several days

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