@KMcmanus - Keith, good day, hope all is well. quick question - what are you using for your trading software??? for i am in a pickle here. for my work has restricted my bandwidth and now my stockstotrade lags behind in my buys and sells and data updates to picks and tickers. i am desperately looking for a good online alternative, in the hopes that it doesn't require the data to be pushed to my desktop. attempted to use power etrade, which appeared to resolve my issue, however, it lacks the ability to create any type of customer screener, unable to have multiple tickers open at the same time and little ability to customize.

kmac_sf Feb 12, 19 4:31 PM

@bowechaim Hi Bowe! I use STT. I haven't tried any other platform as of yet...still learning on this platform. I think I heard them talking that they are going to have a release that is less of a bandwidth hog. I think the consumption of bandwidth is driven mainly at the start when it pulls down a great deal of data but I believe in the next release it has less overhead but you might want to confirm with them. Sorry I couldn't be of more help...still learning on this end.

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