@KMcmanus - thanks keith for your reply. i would love to use STT, for it has all that i need and or require. nice start to your trading! 7 trades, 85%.... I have started with paper trading module in STT, until they restricted my bandwidth. anyways, nice chatting and keep up the good work. if you had a tip or a recommendation or a strategy you would like to share of how you are making those gains (85% on 7 trades) then I am all ears my brutha.

kmac_sf Feb 12, 19 3:41 PM

No problem...the cool thing about this is we are all in it together and learning as we go. If you use a laptop at work (and VPN into the network) you can turn the VPN off and tether from your phone. I commute to work and travel so I am tethered to my phone a good deal. I'm primarily a swing trader right now until I learn a bit more. Being super cautious and probably overly paranoid! :). Only advice I have right now is study like hell.

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