Total Profits:
$27 Profit
NKELong Option

Entry comments: Options

Exit comments: Options Entry: Looking for a reversion to the 21 EMA within the next couple of trading days. Exit: Overall market is giving some back today, I think this has more to give but I'm taking the win.


($66) Loss
NFLXLong Option

Entry comments: Options- Earnings Play.... Failed!

Exit comments: The reaction to earnings was what I was hoping for just a day too late, there was too much time decay and the volatility premium was sucked right of it.


($9) Loss
DISLong Option

I saw some strength in level II but it wasn't enough to fight the overall market..... Probably should have let this one be.


($12) Loss
DISLong Option

I was expecting some strength into the close that never came. With the overall market conditions and the general downtrend of this stock I cut it loose for the weekend.


$2 Profit
PEPLong Option
($17) Loss
AAPLLong Option
($8) Loss
FBLong Option
($3) Loss
KOLong Option
$15 Profit
PYPLLong Option
($4) Loss
MRKLong Option
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