$2,415 profit ISNS Short Stock

Entry comments: Reshorted since it can't go green on the day, they need financing badly and they're under corruption investigation too so they probly won't be getting any government contracts anytime soon LOL...see SEC filing statement: "investigation is ongoing and the Company continues to cooperate with authorities. The Company is presently unable to determine the likely outcome or range of loss" It's a pain in the butt to get short this stock under the SSR (short sale restriction) so I'm being a...

Exit comments: Covered just in case of spiking tomorrow morning since I don't trust this stock/VII/DGLY strength, tired of these + and + and -5-10/share, made up for my earlier losses though which is nice

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$336 profit DGLY Short Stock

Entry comments: Reshorting for probable overnight hold, probly won't be any shares available to short, limited risk given my loss cutting rules, downside of $2-3/share, I like my odds, all I want is $1/share

Exit comments: Spiking early, no thank you, i expected premarket crash, in hindsight I coulda woulda shoulda taken profits at 14ish all last night, scary stock, trade safe

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kmoore1008 Aug 26, 14 4:15 PM

today was a total reality check ouch!!!! hope one day i can work with you personally to find out what it is you do to find out what stocks to buy/short. Killed it yesterday/ got killed today.

crazyprofits Aug 26, 14 5:56 PM

What about JRJC? Long or Short, let me know. Thanks.

littlemoney Aug 27, 14 7:59 AM

Tim, This is why you are the penny stock master..The market is not open and your still making money...(premarket,aftermarket) your the master..I'm so grateful for your mentor ship

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@lx21 I'm just starting trading with Tim Sykes. Have absolutely no backround in stocks, but have been studying very hard every night. I have a super small account to get the hang of it then will add later. Want to grow as rapidly as I can but not get impatient. Would you have any advice for me when I open up my new account tomorrow and get started on trading? Though I've studied a lot.... still feels like I have no idea what I am doing!!!

kmoore1008 Aug 27, 14 9:25 AM

i got in the market about 3 days ago..

jasssingh Sep 22, 14 6:27 AM

hi guyes as i am new to this thing i want to subscribe tim but as i am i uk am i abel to start trading in penny stock from here? can anyone help

Rexlord Sep 22, 14 12:56 PM

kmoore1008, If you have no idea what you are doing - then what have you been studying? I'm not bashing you but trying to open your eyes to the fact that if you have been "studying very hard" but "have no idea what you are doing", then there is a clear problem with whatever materials you have been studying.

xxxpgxxx Sep 22, 14 3:47 PM

SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE.....learn those two...and candlestick formations...i have studied on level2 trading..how to identify breakouts, and breakdowns...i have not started to adapted to this method

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@lx21 When researching into a specific stock, where do you usually go for information, and what do you usually look for? I'm a 16 year old thats looking to begin soon

Siberkitty Jun 03, 14 10:16 AM

You first have to be 18 years of age to trade

TomzOJO Jun 03, 14 10:39 AM

my parent would make an account for me to use

kmoore1008 Aug 12, 14 12:47 PM

Don't listen to these guys I think it's cool!! wish I started at 16, I'd be better off!

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