@dux Dux, I want to trade like you. How did you master your emotions?

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kolac182 Jul 05, 17 4:50 AM

very thanks. What about people here. Can I follow someone and then stating to use his patterns ? Dux did from 20K 900000K. Is if possible to follow him somehow ?

dux Jul 05, 17 9:00 AM

experience and pracitce

kolac182 Jul 05, 17 9:10 AM

ok where can i finde surce of info. what DVD i have to buy. or what you can advise.

AnneMarita Jul 07, 17 8:42 PM

First video series that I would recommend, to learn the basics is Trader Check list by Tim Sykes. It's 11 hours and free. Most of Tim's students start with that: I'm part of his challenge, which is really the best.

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