@Arussell125 @timothysykes @kroyrunner89 @MichaelGoode @markcroock Hey joined the challenge 3 weeks ago loving it so far learning so much. Ive been wondering about when I trade a breakout I usually have my timing right but never could execute fast enough. This issue made me miss plenty of good potential plays. Any advice how to execute faster when it breaks out? Seems to always just blow by my bid. Thank you! Also when it doesn't execute I chase to long get executed then it drops forcing me to cut loses. Any advice please this is my biggest challenge. If you look at my latest trades it was a great pick but bad entry making me cut loses quickly. if i can overcome this id be 100% better as a trader. THANK YOU!

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MichaelGoode Nov 22, 16 12:20 PM

Prepare buy orders so all you have to do is hit one button to send the order. Also, most trading platforms let you setup hotkeys to submit orders.

Arussell125 Nov 29, 16 11:25 PM

yes when i enter a trade i have a stop order already ready to go just in case, if i have to hit the panic button i will market out of the position but i try not to, hotkeys are useful if you know how to use them

Arussell125 Nov 29, 16 11:27 PM

if you can see that the breakout is coming and you anticipate it you can set a buy stop order so when it hits your entry it will fill it, i use this technique often

MichaelGoode Dec 02, 16 8:57 AM

The one thing I don't like about buy stop orders is that it will not take into account the price action -- only the price. So if the stock quickly spikes to a breakout and your buy stop order triggers then you will buy and the stock will then likely dip

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