I was catching up on Steady trade video's, while watching Huddie, dilutions came up repetitively . I understand the concept, but I had not taken the time to understand how to effective locate them looking through the sec filings. I decided to search for a youtube video on dilutions. Protect Your Trading Account, Understand Dilution! Tim Grittani was the first video. He broke the process down and got real. I searched the 6-k from one of my Friday losses I was bag holding and OMG LIGHT BULB. Everything he was talking about. Clearly and increase in the dilution over the last three years. With an increase this year. 1% better over the weekend. I know I've learned this before, but sometimes it just takes hearing it a second time even after a loss to sink in. Thanks @kroyrunner89, Here is the video if you want to see the breakdown.

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So I took a visit over to @kroyrunner89 's page and was just reading for some inspiration and found it rather quick. I'm about to go study for the afternoon before I study for school in the evening. I'm currently reading the intelligent investor. I found a lot of meaning to this quote from Tim, I'm going to keep it close to heart this week. "trading is all about having 2 things guys, strong conviction (whatever your reason may be) that the move will go in your favor, and a clear risk level to use in case you're wrong. it's not about calling it right every time. just have a plan and stick to it and if you're wrong more often than not then you need to examine the edge you think you have and reassess." Wishing everyone a great week.

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Starting day trading after one year of studying from @timothysykes and @kroyrunner89 , wish me hard discipline!

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RouxBourbon Nov 03, 18 5:46 PM

Stick with it. Create a watchlist with a plan for each stock. If the stock reacts according to your goals, trade it. Do not chase chat room alerts! That ought to be Rule number 2. Rule 1 cut losses quickly. The entry is the most important part of the trade. You make money when you buy the stock at the right place as well as when you sell it.

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@timothysykes @kroyrunner89 I bought and have watched Trading Tickers several times and have some clarification questions. Is there a contact email or somewhere I can ask those questions? Primary question is, on Disk 1 Ch 4, how do you determine based on the chart whether you are looking to go long or short? Sometimes it's obvious, but in some cases a stock is nearing a resistance level on day 2 or later, and it could be a long/breakout setup if it breaks through resistance, or it could be a short setup if it fails to break resistance or gaps down...but I don't usually know that until premarket or shortly after open. Yet in the video you (TG) indicate that you already know what you're looking to do with the stock. I feel like I'm missing something because I currently couldn't make that decision until I saw what the next day's chart looked like. Love the video, btw!

xbows Jun 15, 17 12:46 PM

Ok, just submitted my application. ;)

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