[TimChallenge] alright gotta head out, good to see everyone! i'm gonna try to do a webinar sometime before march 13

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[TimChallenge] realized $61k, unrealized $70k. i can't keep up with these young guns anymore

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[TimChallenge] haha actually just wanted to say congrats real quick, will pop back in here for longer around 1:00 when my son is asleep though!

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@kroyrunner Hi Tim, Could you tell me how will you adjust yourself about rush trade/jump off the gun, I was very patient with all my trades at the beginning but somehow I felt a bit FOMO lately and start chasing the highs instead of waiting for the dip order get filled as a buyer. What is the process like to adjust these kinda mental issue?

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sozo Aug 18, 20 10:24 PM

Hi Tim. According to the trades you posted for June, you made 359 trades with 12 tickers on June 5th. That's an average of 1 trade per minute, every minute, while the market is open. That sounds like alot of trading, but I'm a newbie so idk. Is that a typical day? Also, I'm learning from your DVD - great job! Thank you for putting that together! Thanks.

RaYdAwG Aug 24, 20 4:26 PM

@sozo He probably uploaded a batch of trades all at once

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Just wanted to give a shout out to @markcroock- great webinar today! @timothysykes @kroyrunner @MichaelGoode @TimLento and everyone else in the challenge. I have learned more in the last week and half than I did in the past 15 years. Hopefully done working the 9-5 by the end of the year.

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motyben Jul 13, 20 3:41 PM

Where this webinar can be watched ? ill appreciate a link

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@kroyrunner Hi Tim, I'm a new trader and I have been studying for a few months now, one thing I've been studying is your trading tickers DVD which is amazing by the way, really great work, but times have changed a little bit since when you made the dvd. I was wondering now that the market has changed a lot and promoters aren't no good anymore and OTC's don't trade like they use to, what's something I could put my attention and energy towards? My account is not very big so I can't be shorting and would have to stay on the long side. What setups would be the best to look into and should I be looking to trade listed stocks or unlisted stocks or even both? Is there any other advice you can give me? Lastly what other resources could I use to study. I hope everything is okay with you and your family during these crazy times please take care of yourself. Wish you the best. :) Thank you.

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