@kroyrunner Congratulations!!! $6million+ So Amazing!!

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Torino13 Jun 07, 18 8:41 AM

Amazing trade Congrats!!

novalaz Sep 26, 18 9:14 AM

#Amazing Mind blowing waht trading can do for your life if you learn/study and apply it

Ford41 Sep 30, 18 5:59 PM

Watched you presentation today on live streaming video. Any chance I can get a copy of your slides?

bahamastrader123 Jan 01, 7:58 PM

Tim ... I think it's time for Trading Tickers II DVD ... I'm sure you have a whole lot more you have learnt and I'm ready to buy part 2 please look into creating one. Also when you create it .. do what you always do .. let us sit with you and watch you live even it's it's for 40mins we need that. Thanks.

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Make sure you all go check out @kroyrunner 's latest trades if you haven't already, he still has that midas touch!

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asfricksrs May 01, 18 10:16 PM

I saw those, amazing, and teaching in chat lately answering every question.

TimeFliesBuy May 03, 18 2:44 PM

Thats so cool, I wish I was in the Challenge, once I pay of this darn loan I hope to be there.

asfricksrs May 03, 18 3:02 PM

Off today - weather - he was actively at it - chat has adapted to his presence and allowed him to breathe. Although going back to work was not in the plan of my journey, any unrealistic expectation - instant success - must be met with keeping the dream alive. i know rushing the process will result in a huge crash and burn for me. I understand, the difference from Silver to Challenge was unbelievable. Initial expense almost prohibitive for modest means, content/community access worth it.

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@kroyrunner Damn son, congratulations on 6 million!!! I feel like I'm commenting congrats every other month now !! lol I can only ask that you please help other up and coming short sellers that aren't in Tim's challenge. Obviously that's up to you, but there really aren't many SKILLED short biased traders that are setting an example for this side of the trade. I've seen your Youtube content 10 times over, that stuff's really helpful. All I can do is ask, and thank you for giving back as much as you have!! Peace. - Shorts

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Getting through these Grittani webinars, and studying hard this weekend. Main focus this week is to focus on shorting into the major daily resistance on over extended stocks. This strategy makes sense to me and I have seen it work consecutively. Thanks again @kroyrunner appreciate all that you do to help us students!

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KenKwan Apr 23, 18 12:58 PM

hey Squiggs, no worries! VLRX was ultra frustrating today, as I had my order setup, only to get an error message from IB saying they didn't have shares lol. Would definitely have been a nice short! Time to find another broker..

Squiggs Apr 23, 18 1:00 PM

Yea, IB has not lived up to the hype for me, at least not yet. I always have issues finding shares. Etrade is similar with Borrows. I just signed up for a Suretrader account, despite the terrible things I hear about them, I more or less just want to try them out and see their short availability.

KenKwan Apr 23, 18 7:40 PM

Cool. Let us know how suretrader is. For me, probably signing up for a cobra account and giving them a try

Squiggs Apr 23, 18 7:44 PM

Yea, Ill keep you posted. I saw Tim G mention Cobra in the chatroom, and to be honest it was the first time I heard of it. I'm going to take a look into that, keep me posted what you think of them.

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@kroyrunner Hi Tim, I'm considering Speedtrader based on your blog post from a few years ago; which clearing firm should I choose for shorting listed stocks (not OTCs)? Thanks!

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Morning! This is the 2nd week i am into with only one trade, yes 1 trade only in current market mood, working on roots, building new strategy and expanding some of my current strategies that already worked, at the mean time Listening every single DVDs over n over n over, will start trading with bigger positions shortly. hugely thankses goes to @timothysykes @kroyrunner @markcroock Wish you all success. Peace out.

Tao2018 Apr 05, 18 9:51 AM

hope you all win money on PHOT

Atiqe Apr 05, 18 8:29 PM

@Tao2018 once you Expect the best & Prepared for the worst then it is easy to win.

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@kroyrunner Tim! It looks like you're semi-retired, congrats! You're still trading like a boss!.. I was very dazzled by your knowledge on promoters a couple of years back, and I asked you about it in the Q&A at the 2016 Orlando Summit --you said OTCs are dead, and so I gave up on promos after several failed perks. I've been going thru your trades, and it doesn't appear any of your long positions were based on promotions. Are promotions still dead? If not, what promoters have any push? Hope to hear from you!

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@kroyrunner on 3/12 GRXXF did what I expected it would do when I saw how overextended it was on Friday. Too new to this so I did not trade, but learned to spot it from Trading Tickers. Thanks!

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