@kroyrunner Hi Tim, I'm a new trader and I have been studying for a few months now, one thing I've been studying is your trading tickers DVD which is amazing by the way, really great work, but times have changed a little bit since when you made the dvd. I was wondering now that the market has changed a lot and promoters aren't no good anymore and OTC's don't trade like they use to, what's something I could put my attention and energy towards? My account is not very big so I can't be shorting and would have to stay on the long side. What setups would be the best to look into and should I be looking to trade listed stocks or unlisted stocks or even both? Is there any other advice you can give me? Lastly what other resources could I use to study. I hope everything is okay with you and your family during these crazy times please take care of yourself. Wish you the best. :) Thank you.

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