@kroyrunner Hi Tim, Could you tell me how will you adjust yourself about rush trade/jump off the gun, I was very patient with all my trades at the beginning but somehow I felt a bit FOMO lately and start chasing the highs instead of waiting for the dip order get filled as a buyer. What is the process like to adjust these kinda mental issue?

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sozo Aug 18, 20 10:24 PM

Hi Tim. According to the trades you posted for June, you made 359 trades with 12 tickers on June 5th. That's an average of 1 trade per minute, every minute, while the market is open. That sounds like alot of trading, but I'm a newbie so idk. Is that a typical day? Also, I'm learning from your DVD - great job! Thank you for putting that together! Thanks.

RaYdAwG Aug 24, 20 4:26 PM

@sozo He probably uploaded a batch of trades all at once

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