Been going through all the Tim Grittani webinars and finding gold. I'll be using these webinars as my main study tool this weekend. Thanks for all your work @kroyrunner

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@kroyrunner HI man . congrats on your accomplishments .Quick question would you use the otc multiday breakouts stratagy from trading tickers in listed stocks ? Thanks man Ps : You are the man , best teacher , learned the most from your dvd , it's the best .

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@kroyrunner With the vast knowledge and experience you have now, I would love to see how you would trade just $1500 over again but in the current market, even just for a few weeks/1 month.

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WealthyLady Apr 19, 6:22 PM

Hi There! I purchased Stocks To Trade software yesterday and was really impressed! But, now I need to learn how to use it! What membership would you suggest? Shelley

F12B Apr 19, 7:07 PM

The Stocks To Trade software comes with detailed video lessons which are sent periodically to your email. Double check your email for the first lesson. If you have not received it, then contact STT Support at https://support.stockstotrade.com They will also provide you with other options if you wish to upgrade to STT Pro.

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@kroyrunner hey, Tim. I just bought Trading Tickers, and noticed you were using E*TRADE in your latest trade upload. Have any of your ideal brokers changed?

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JKelly Jan 06, 11:44 PM

@DBHILL TradeZero comes highly recommended from Dux. They clear through Vision too. Good borrows

Monopolist Mar 06, 4:26 PM

I'm from london and can recommend a thing or two. I wouldn't recommend using trade zero as a beginner as they require you to buy a platform in order to execute any trades, I have an account with them but pulled out the cash. I'm currently with suretrader and they're not bad, they sometimes have shares available to short. I also have account in UK's TDDirectInvestment and wouldn't recommend them either.

IceMan14 Apr 06, 8:29 AM

@Monopolist Why wouldn't you recommend TD? They have great customer communication and competitive commissions. You can't short, trade OTC, or p/m or a/h trading but there is Interactive Brokers for that. And their doing aa collaboration with TD UK I read also

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@kroyrunner hey bud what do you think of JTPY/NXTD bitcoin payment or sector mojo ahead?? bitcoin nice 30% dip off highs means more players+=more money?? to be determined if you agree i may join. I'll try to get in premarket Tuesday 12/26 if so bitcoin looks poised to Rebound.

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@kroyrunner hi there. anyone here from Australia? Etrader dont accept Australian residents while IB dont offer short selling to us. i am having a hard time finding a decent broker to join. any recommendation please? thanks

RickTC52 Dec 24, 17 8:18 PM

thanks man! i will check it out

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Champ Jan 07, 12:19 AM

Thanks Tim! Are you looking to short the 1st red candle at 1 minute? Or how do you play the TOPS short to make sure you don't get burned?

Dbice Jan 13, 6:48 AM

Thanks this was helpful information

TimeFliesBuy Jan 26, 7:35 PM

Everything you do is both helpful and recognized, thank you.

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