@krulldaddy just became a fully transparent trader today!

krulldaddy Jul 31, 20 10:45 AM

Thank you to everyone in this community for sharing your lessons learned!

krulldaddy Nov 25, 20 8:23 AM

To the handful of traders following me: don't let the realized gains fool you. I have a few very bad hold-and-hopes from October that would drop me down big time. I'm on a good streak in some ways but am still struggling to cut losses quickly.

krulldaddy Jan 01, 12:44 PM

Red for 2020 due to a severe lack of discipline in December. I'm grateful that I have survived my noob mistakes and look forward to a fresh start on Monday in 100% cash. Grateful to have one more chance to make this my vocation, for this community of traders, and especially for Tim Sykes and Paul Scolardi.

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