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billhamlet Jul 04, 10:20 AM

Fantastic re-cap Kyle. Thanks for sharing. My take aways are (1) even seasoned traders have struggles. (2) Hindsight would make us all rich 🤑. Lol (3) I need to learn how to short. (4) Keep studying and stay in the game.

Kingsalini Jul 04, 11:21 AM

Nothing like not yet being profitable and having millionaire habits I been on myself about my trades win or loss...appreciate it keep them coming #TheSquidad BEST TEAM MOVING!!

reeper77 Jul 04, 5:33 PM

Hey Kyle Love AMC congrats on killing it appreciate you taking time to make the video

rey_11 Jul 05, 10:32 PM

Great recap! Bounces have been shit you're right. Continually testing my patience on PTs each day.

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holtzy Apr 06, 12:50 AM

Hey Kyle, beautiful video with such awesome transparency. I have a question about the March 16 loss that you took. You mentioned you didn't trade again that day to avoid revenge trading. When that happens, are you still watching the market closely, or are you checking out completely? Thanks again!

BUFFALOish Apr 06, 10:13 PM

super helpful video to see someone as skilled as yourself being challenged by the changing market - really appreciate your humble attitude and willingness to share your bad trades - I learned a ton from this video!

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