@kroyrunner I've been reading news at a lot of places, trying to find Public relations, but I can't seem to find a good website for news. Right now I use thelion and a few other smaller news, but they dont seem to be active a lot. What's a good place to find news for penny stocks?

kroyrunner Jan 28, 15 10:19 AM

the lion sure isn't a place to look, anyone can post any junk on a forum. yahoo finance a good place to start... but i don't follow news closely at all i only care about the chart and what that's telling me

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@alex87 Hi, I am a new beginning trader like you. I also lost a few on RITT due to morning spike and panic, but it's cool to see that im not the only beginning trader making beginner mistakes on a small account haha

lennyden Jan 28, 15 9:58 AM

Today i regained all my money lost on USAT. I got in pre-market at 2.03, it spiked up to 2.20, took my $100 profit. Now i broke even, but still am around -50 from transaction fees

alex87 Jan 28, 15 6:50 PM

really bro thats great i had to work morning shift i couldnt trade, how did u find such a winner for you. u inspire me

lennyden Jan 28, 15 7:39 PM

It wasn't much of a winner. I didn't trade according to any of tim's rules or anyones rules. I just saw that the company had accepted apple pay, and that day it went up 5, then overnight the volumes were increasing. I bought a few shares after hours, and in the morning it had a spike and sold into the spike.

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$970 profit ATOS Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorted this paid pump into failed morning spike, small position though since it can stills squeeze more first

Exit comments: Easy $1,000 profit for me, got down to 1.77 but not much more, near best case scenario on a morning panic from from the 2s...I didn't get a great entry price, will look to reshort ideally into bounce later on today

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lennyden Dec 30, 14 11:14 AM

In at $1.88 and out at $1.33 :) thinking about signing up for your TIMalerts and linking my account with profit.ly!

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