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lexram Jun 22, 17 4:59 PM

Yes but what brought this to your attention since it was down so much already?

MattNow Jun 22, 17 9:54 PM

how do you figure it was "down so much"? it was trading $4-$5 a share two months ago, when it gaped up myself and some others in that chat were trading it, i kept it on radar to keep an eye on the pattern, once it broke out of pattern and through resis at $7.70s i bought $7.81 to planning to sell at or around resis at $8.60s but it blew through that stage and is now at $9-$9.30 resis... its had my attention since the initial gap up

lexram Jun 23, 17 8:56 AM

LOL, sorry my question wasn't complete. How did you know to keep an eye on it after the level it was at $4-$5. Sorry man sometimes I type ahead of my thoughts. You answered my question though. Thanks so much and great job!

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[TimAlerts] If everyone wasn't out to lunch the volume on AUPH would not be weak imo


[TimAlerts] Strong close on AUPH...too bad it scared me out two other times for losses. LOL.

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