StevieW Dec 22, 17 12:28 PM

@makemoney18 you need to email Sykes isn't gonna help.

huperauxano Dec 25, 17 12:00 AM

Same thing happened to me. Admin at Sykes wasn't able to help. Only thing I can think of is the password length - is your IB password longer than 8 characters? If so. change it and see if that helps.

makemoney18 Dec 25, 17 10:19 AM

That's unfortunate. I've tried smaller PW 8 characters or less, still get an error message when data trys to download. I've cancelled my subscription service as I see no point to have if I cant verify trades. Merry Christmas to all.

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Palmer Dec 04, 17 5:47 PM

They will more than likely do an offering but if you got in at 3.12 you need to scale out as it moves up to bank something along the way.

Noble1222 Dec 04, 17 6:42 PM

i think it's at $3 now after an S-3 filing hit in after hours. my recommendation is anytime you have almost a 33% profit then take 50% to 75% of your shares off and bank the profit.

Noble1222 Dec 04, 17 6:43 PM

let the other remaining percentage run - if it cracks down, it has to really crash hard to wipe out your profit. if it runs up another 100% you still have a killer gain. i see giys in investors undgd doing this, roland does it.

asfricksrs Dec 04, 17 7:26 PM

take profits along the way - bank meat of move - never know the news before announced - bank it!

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johannes1602 Dec 04, 17 8:01 PM

If I understand correctly you bought some shares pre market, then added some at the dip and sold your whole position in the afternoon. This should qualify as one daytrade.

makemoney18 Dec 04, 17 8:12 PM

That's correct, but my account now showing a minimum equity call. mmmmmm

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Chen Nov 15, 17 6:32 PM

cutloss quickly!!

NathanAruiz Nov 15, 17 10:33 PM

what would you differently if you had a choice ???

ZarahnTrades Nov 16, 17 12:12 PM

@NathanAruiz Its hard to say what id do differently. You're a totally different person when actually in the trade. Its like you need to make the rules apart of you because you dont know if the stock is going to go up or down and when you're losing big you find every reason to force yourself to think the stock will make a comeback. The best way to learn is just to get stuck in.

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ZweetnLo Dec 06, 17 10:55 PM

Hey there! Just checking out new traders as I am starting up this week. Are you doing the Tims Challenge or just learning from the emailed videos?

makemoney18 Dec 06, 17 11:46 PM

@ZweetnLo Everything I learned for Tim Challenge I watch and listened to all his free stuff on social media.

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