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marcos726 Nov 13, 15 10:19 AM

Thanks guys for your suggestions I really appreciate it

ProTraderCharts Nov 13, 15 10:57 AM

@GloireAuxFDP - that quick stab over $3 is the hint. It fakes a breakout before switching, and you got to act quick once it makes that lower high below the $3 level.

ProTraderCharts Nov 13, 15 1:10 PM

@GloireAuxFDP - I'm going to spend some time this weekend to see if I can find a collection of these chart patterns for you. I can't be sure how many I have available, but if I find a minimum of 5 I'll be sure to put out a post.

marcos726 Nov 14, 15 8:18 PM

Thanks so much for you help I feel better now

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