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MichaelGoode Apr 09, 21 3:24 PM

I cannot offer any firsthand advice: I started trading while in graduate school and then really got into day-trading while I was working mostly from home. 8 months after I started doing that I quit to trade full-time. I think most of the people I have seen go from real jobs to trading full-time have either lived on the west coast so that they can trade for a couple hours prior to the market open or worked in jobs where they always were at a computer and were not closely supervised

MichaelGoode Apr 09, 21 3:26 PM

I would say that even for swing-trading when you don't need to watch closely you need to have some experience watching the market closely as you are learning to trade. Also, if you do very algorithmic trading (with firm rules) you might be able to set up trades and stop losses and then not have to watch closely

mikesomer Jan 17, 12:22 AM

good thread thanks guys

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[TimChallenge] all traders have that issue sometimes -- you lose most money when your mind is messed up. Go for a walk, watch videos, play Fortnite, work your day-job, etc

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[TimAlerts] +$32k for me today short $TSNP and +$16k shorting it yesterday. Not bad. This is the first time I've had back to back 6 figure months. I had some much smaller wins on OTC longs too.

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[TimChallenge] I did my first gag in here in a long time -- please don't pump illiquid trash or be abusive towards other people

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[TimChallenge] y'all please don't pepper Jack with questions when he is in the middle of a (likely sizeable) trade. And don't ask what he's holding over the weekend when there are 3 hours until the close

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[TimChallenge] Mark Croock had his desk collapse and he was injured somewhat (good reason not to have glass desk imo)

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