@MichaelGoode Ha just learned you would send people a stuffed duck in the mail. Do you still do that?

beheracts Apr 29, 6:58 PM

Hi Michael, could you suggest on CVM? I have a long position at 0.14 and it's started falling. Please suggest do I wait or step out?

1MichaelGoode May 01, 2:39 PM

Yes I still do it. But only two people have ever earned a duck. Tim G. was one (at the time he had only $5,000 in profits). Another was a woman by the name of Amanda who has since been lost to the darkside of forex trading.

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@MichaelGoode They say death is the end of life. I say death opens the door to a new life. They say death hurts the living loved ones. I say true, but at the end of the day, i know Michael is Goode. R.I.P. for the dead homies.

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