SKYisDLimit Apr 06, 18 7:58 AM

the easy answer is a pump and dump!.. The question is how did you get the info? what charts did you run? what times did you review, what news did yu look for? where did you get the info? what is the story on the play? who is what? why was it sold or bought? STUDY IT befor you lose your ass! trust me look at my profit chart and read my trades!!!

Svaldo Apr 06, 18 8:22 AM

Sorry to hear about your recent personal losses. As tough as it may be you need to cut your losses and get out. There's always a chance it might spike back up but there's more of a chance that it doesn't and your loss will grow. Take the hit now and study your ass off. All the best!

mickd Apr 07, 18 3:40 PM

Dude, that's too much of a broad question. That's like asking: how many stairs are in a staircase. It would depend on the height. You see where I'm going with this? There is no simple answer, since we don't know the stock etc.. Sounds like you bagholding bud, I'd take the loss however big it may be

mickd Apr 07, 18 3:50 PM

But yes, it is a pump and dump. They literally have: 12k in cash, 715k in debts, 62k in revenues and 9.2k in profits. All of this found on yahoo finance in 2 minutes. Haven't even checked the SEC filings and my advice would be: get out

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