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TypodTouch Apr 14, 18 11:58 PM

Congratulations on your success so far. I just want to help by reminding you of an important part.

mickd Apr 15, 18 7:23 AM

@TypodTouch I appreciate your input, but I did say it might continue to go on air and I will wait for weakness. My premise was that the financial part of this company is doodoo, this is clearly up on air and is about to reach previous 52 week resistance, therefore could crash and burn. I only wrote this piece after due dilligence and research and wanted to help other traders track a stock that COULD be on the way down soon

mickd Apr 15, 18 7:29 AM

@TypodTouch Making a watchlist is all about tracking stocks, researching and forming a thesis. I have no position in this whatsoever right now, so I'm not trying to rationalize a position, this is only my analysis of a steaming pile of shit company so in debt, that in their own 20-F they state: "require us to dedicate a substantial portion of available cash flow to pay principal and interest on our outstanding debt, which will reduce the funds available for working capital, capital expenditures,

mickd Apr 15, 18 7:35 AM

@TypodTouch acquisitions and other general corporate purposes." I smell a financing coming, and Tim does research gainers and does his DD and forms a thesis, but will only enter when the setup is there. When he says stop justifying why a stock should crash with a reason, I'm guessing he implies you have a position and try to convince yourself to stay with it. In this case, I'm justifying why it SHOULD be on your watchlist. But thanks again for your input, I will keep it in mind

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