pain + reflection = progress..... february is going to be revolved around trading less trading smaller re-engineering better strategy to adapt to this newer market. +1200 on the week. not the end of the world but definitely a step back from what ive been doing in previous weeks and months stepping my risk down to $150 per trade from last years $300-$400 risk trades when i get convincing stats will be stepping back up with size. this is pyramid trading, this tactic is used to protect my account longer term and previous months and years of success. this tactic prevents profit bleeding and keeps you more level headed to adapt in current conditions. challenging myself to grow a $5000 account in this market this is going to force me to be more meticulous more selective and be more aggresive with tracking and data. February will not be about growing my account like previous months have been february will be about developing a more fine tuned selective angle with quality over quantity. i wish everyone a fantastic february, when in doubt getting back to strategy and process and prioritizing these over profits is key.

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momofwallstreet Feb 04, 7:34 AM

Thank you for sharing your insights. Protecting your gains while adapting to new trends in the market, developing/fine tuning a strategy and tracking data , sounds like great advice to me.

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