mydharma Jul 04, 17 5:32 PM

@Skiwi I hear ya. It's a learning process. I'm still a few months in so I like to know if a stock is being promoted. Whether or not it works or is influence, well, the price action tells us that, right? There are millions of trades. Many of whom are very new to this game and have no idea a stock is being promoted. They can definitely influence the market.

Skiwi Jul 04, 17 5:36 PM

@Nathan_casey Everybody is different, for me I just can't relate to the OTC's right now. @mydharma Stock promoters are not useful because nobody listens to their picks anymore, you can use service for good tracking, really it's not something you should waste your time, energy and money on, IMO.

Nathan_casey Jul 04, 17 6:05 PM

@Skiwi I'm just saying every once in a while there are those smash hit OTC plays still. Not like it's completely dried out. And when those plays arise a lot of the time they seem more straight forward than the Nasdaqs when they break out

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Kody Jul 03, 17 2:40 PM

if you're willing to pay monthly for a platform Stocks To Trade offers a paper trading service. If you don't want to pay for a platform you can use Think Or Swim by TD Ameritrade.

Skiwi Jul 03, 17 3:53 PM

Das platform non pro + ewuityfeed nasdaq only with lvl 2 (not on das but equityfeed) comes out pretty cheap, check prices

Skiwi Jul 03, 17 3:53 PM

Das on suretrader I mean

Torkers Jul 03, 17 7:17 PM

DAS trader Ans STT for sure - GL

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@mydharma I set my screeners for losers not just gainers, I watched it fall from $28 to $20 and waited for signs of strength that it was done dropping, $22.50 was my entry plan and when it reached there Monday I had planed to swing it until it recovered from the panic, I didn't expect the news today to come but I am glad it did it made my swing a lot faster than I had planned, I am waiting to sell currently watching how it reacts with resistance at $29

Received 3 Karmas
mydharma Jun 14, 17 4:56 PM

Thanks. Is that your little girl? She's adorable!

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Received 8 Karmas
Turbobob Jun 05, 17 9:38 PM

Good patience.... Nice trade.

BigDog Jun 05, 17 11:15 PM

wow, Bob, your profit chart looks incredible! Great work man, and thank you for sharing your knowledge !

gofast Jun 06, 17 2:52 AM

Thanks Bob!!

Tone Jun 06, 17 6:47 AM

Thanks for posting these. I'm starting to study your trades and the detail in your watchlists is very helpful in the analysis.

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MsMoneyHoney May 22, 17 11:58 PM

Oh... too bad... It's not one of his freebie videos. It'll have to wait until I can join... But, thank you anyway!

cmoon10 May 23, 17 6:22 AM

@MsMoneyHoney goto It is a free DVD series and he goes into details about SSS.

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