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Turbobob Jun 05, 17 9:38 PM

Good patience.... Nice trade.

BigDog Jun 05, 17 11:15 PM

wow, Bob, your profit chart looks incredible! Great work man, and thank you for sharing your knowledge !

gofast Jun 06, 17 2:52 AM

Thanks Bob!!

Tone Jun 06, 17 6:47 AM

Thanks for posting these. I'm starting to study your trades and the detail in your watchlists is very helpful in the analysis.

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MsMoneyHoney May 22, 17 11:58 PM

Oh... too bad... It's not one of his freebie videos. It'll have to wait until I can join... But, thank you anyway!

cmoon10 May 23, 17 6:22 AM

@MsMoneyHoney goto It is a free DVD series and he goes into details about SSS.

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MTBC frustrating week along the way. PR pumping took it to the next level. right now shorting 100k at 2.05 ish swing for the next week. but overall this week by following cutting losses quickly prevents me from losing big. i would say i did decent this week

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Dutchie777 May 07, 17 7:23 PM

see their promotions every day on the Yahoo home page

dux May 07, 17 8:23 PM

@melbasouni nicee good luck on trading. MTBC is going to do a financing really soon i think. the stock is running out of juice to run .

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@Christina Hello. So good to see another female trader. I'm still pretty new to this. Only a few months day trading. Learning a lot. Still haven't learned how to post my trades, but I will. Just changed brokers. Nice to meet you. -Lori

Christina May 04, 17 7:40 PM

Hey :) Yea i am still in full on study mode myself. Just go to the Trades button and it will prompt you to import them. Nice to meet you too!

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