@timothysykes Hi Tim i am a big fan of yours and i follow all your comments ,videos and emails etc... (very educative and useful i would even say life changing for most of us ). I am a Math instructor and hopefully you would take that as a friendly suggestion .Your way of teaching is extraordinary i really mean it(doing long hours DVD and videos almost every day webinar etc... and i know it is so hard since you have different type of student ( the mind set) but the only way to put any thing in a student's head,it's a quiz.When you put them in front of an equation then they realize ,they have to work on that problem since they did not get the correct answer.AGAIN JUST A FRIENDLY SUGGESTION MAYBE TAKE SOME CHARTS AND NOT SHOWING THE END OF ACTION OF THAT CHART AND ASK US "WOULD YOU TAKE THAT TRADE AT THAT PRECISE MOMENT IF YES WHY IF NO WHY (COULD BE intraday CHART OR daily,AND MAYBE GIVE THEM THE ANSWER BY END OF THE WEEK . Again your way of teaching is extraordinary and i know what i am talking about trust me i am dealing w/that every single day . Thanks again and wish to learn more from you.

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