@nightwolf92 Hi Ryan , I have a quik question, I have a small account and I need to trade the same stocks that Sykes is trading, I don't live in the us, wich would be better suretrader or AMERITRADE ? thanks in advance

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Dozatism Jun 23, 16 8:23 PM

I'm new to the market and wondering if Sure Trader is good starting platform for small accounts?

Dozatism Jun 23, 16 8:49 PM

Also is level 2 needed when trading penny stocks?

pateltrader Jun 24, 16 3:44 PM

SureTrader is a good platform for small account and yes its good to have level 2 when trading

Spennie Feb 03, 17 12:23 PM

Don't use this broker under any circumstances - trust me! Lots of hidden fees, almost impossible to withdraw money. I've been waiting almost three weeks for about $5k I want to move to another brokerage account. I've been charged about $180 in withdrawal fees as well that they claim are charged by their bank.

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Great day today, Up $216 Pre-Commission, going to end today on that note. (See pic for trades) I will verify the trades tomorrow :) Tomorrow I will officially be back in the green! 3 out of 3 winning trades today! Consistency is key! Shoutout to my trading mentor

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