Scott_nowrealtrader Sep 30, 17 2:56 AM

CATB was a decent trade unlucky, AMMA you should of taken profits aiming for 10% is fine but staying in a trade when it is giving alternate signals just because you have a set point in your head is never a good thing to do but as long as you learn from your mistakes it's all g

novastox Sep 30, 17 3:38 AM

@Scott_PaperTrader_legit Thank you soooo much for the reminder. I remember LX21 said the same thing :)

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punkangel Sep 29, 17 12:16 AM

Nice. I was watching that this morning (MMA fan) and I decided to pass because it looked like the volume was petering out and the price had dropped so much from open when it was around $1.74. Decided to go for a walk because I rarely like to do anything a couple hours after the market open to see it had spiked. :/ At least you caught it!

novastox Sep 30, 17 4:17 AM

lol, this was a lil tricky. it was soo choppy. & u know what Sykes always say "if the stuck doesnt do what u want, then get out!" lol

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