mickd Sep 17, 17 2:20 PM

@osehill most brokers have their platforms. For example Questrade has iq edge which is free to use with an account. Only thing you'll have to keep in mind with questrade is that the data plans (level 2) isnt free, it's a monthly cost. I think Thinkorswim (platform) is free with a TD account but to open it i think the minimum is 5k. But I think market data is free, someone else could confirm this?

osehill Sep 17, 17 5:00 PM

Thanks Mickd! I will stick with Questtrade

mickd Sep 18, 17 5:37 PM

@SArtAndPlay the minimum amount you need to have to have free level 2 market data with thinkorswim is 5000$. Well that's what they told me when I called last month

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