wannabestocktrader Nov 28, 17 1:52 AM

See this as well: http://www.finra.org/investors/day-trading-margin-requirements-know-rules "Does this rule change apply to cash accounts?" The terminology not to get stuck on is the fact that with a margin account, you can trade with unsettled funds again as soon as you sell, hence the ability to "day-trade" in the first place. Whereas with a cash account, you're fully buying and own the shares, so you're free to sell as soon as you want, but you can't reuse the funds until it's settled (T+2 no

othealpha Nov 28, 17 11:26 PM

Thanks everyone for the feedback! Must appreciated!

lsg582 Dec 06, 17 7:31 PM

I am using RobinHood and they only allow you to make 4 day trades a week if your account is under $25,000 before they block you from making any day trades.

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