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MasterKim Feb 15, 11:18 PM

thanks for the video Tessa!

pyr8ray Feb 16, 1:07 AM

You will definitely get there in your own time… btw… I’m going to get there too.

BuffRJ47 Feb 17, 5:00 AM

Tessa, You are such an inspiration. I have been around since June 2019 and with 4 kids myself I know how difficult it is to get in the study when you have work and family responsibilities. Keep hammering and everything will work out!

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This week has been tough... I had to cut a lot of junk because I didn't follow Rule #1. Time to get my head back in the game and follow the rules!!!

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the_tipsy_nomad Oct 05, 20 12:43 AM

I love it. Sticking to your bread and butter. If the trade presents itself, execute it. If not, stick to the sidelines. Nothing wrong with being patient and waiting for the trade to come to you. Keep on keeping on Tessa.

TessaLamping Oct 05, 20 8:56 PM

@the_tipsy_nomad thanks. Learning to recognize the patterns as they're forming is the trickiest for me while learning new patterns. But Definitely need to step back and study more. Learn to size up with bread and butters

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