hr_tetra May 13, 17 9:46 AM

ICCC: not tradable because of extremely low volume. TOPS: low float shipper that can really spike with other tickers in the sector. Would have been a good short after the split. Bacburner as it can easily spike again. PDEX: I would avoid because of low volume. Has spiked in the past. Close to a breakout, but already quite overextended. Probably need some consolidation before it can go further. Could also be a short into a double top. But again, volume makes it untradable

hr_tetra May 13, 17 9:49 AM

TEAR: beaten down chart, but with a double bottom it spiked a little. The best play was probably the b/o yesterday from the double bottom, and maybe short the overextended morning spike.

Pandabear May 13, 17 10:27 AM

I agree with @hr_tetra we trade penny stocks not invest in them so short-term only. ICCC and PDEX have no volume. Only trade stocks with volume and a catalyst eg news, multi-day/week/month/year breakout. TOPS is downtrending now but it can spike on news so keep it on your watchlist. TEAR I think the move is over as it closed right at its lows.

radkan May 13, 17 10:10 PM

thanks everyone. that helps a lot.

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