Westexan May 16, 17 6:21 PM

to short sell..just use sell and as long as you dont have any postions it will automaticall short sell your postion..same with buy to cover

TheMove May 16, 17 6:24 PM

Ok, thank you. Just wanted to be sure it would do what I want since it doesn't say it verbatim on the phone app.

radkan May 16, 17 10:36 PM

on tradeking (now ally) it's asking to accept "hard-to-borrow" fees disclaimer etc. what does that mean? Do all brokers have a fee like that?

Westexan May 17, 17 12:52 PM

@radkan you have to pay a fee to borrow those shares, because there are very little ..supply and demand type of situation..the hard to borrow the higher the fee

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