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Windwalzer Mar 13, 20 5:48 PM

Great video. When you talked about the volume staying a 5M for 5 minutes that was a good eye opener for understanding. I think I know some of your shorthand. D/B dip buy, M/P multiple positions, List E/R B/O listed earning/revenue or review, break/out, M/S multiple spikes, r/g red to green of course, FGD first green day, P/M pre market, G&C rev gains and compliance , L/F R/S no idea., P pump? Thank you, I liked your video a lot.

D22 Mar 15, 20 12:26 AM

@Windwalzer volume is a MAJOR indicator I use and especially for dip buys. volume in conjunction with tape and level 2 gives insight into stuffs and traps which leads to details into price action

D22 Mar 15, 20 12:27 AM

the acronyms are just for my tracking, wouldn't really be relevant to you even if I explained them. id suggest making your own spreadsheets for tracking your trades to find out what youre good at and make it fit/work for what questions you want answered for better conviction moving forward

Windwalzer Mar 15, 20 3:21 PM

Okay I get it. And thank you for the feedback on the volume. I am working on digesting all this information and making it mine. Thank you so much for your help. Have a good day.

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